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8 Lug Wheel Spacers | Dually Wheel Spacers

All custom built to order.  Sometimes also referred to as ‘dually adapters’, wheel spacers do NOT convert to new bolt pattern.

Chevrolet / GMC

Custom 8 Lug Adapters | Dually Adapters

Adapters to change your bolt pattern. Fit different wheels / dually wheels.

In Stock 8×6.5″ Spacers & Adapters (Lug Centric)

Lug centric Spacers and adapters require a wheel that uses acorn or conical seat lug nuts. Ship same day if ordered before 12 pm CST on business days.

In Stock 8×170 Spacers & Adapters (Lug Centric)

In Stock 8×180 Spacers & Adapters (Lug Centric)

About Hub Centric Adapters | Custom Adapters

Hub Centric 8 Lug wheel spacers are meant for and safest for on road use and do not affect hauling & towing capabilities.  Select your vehicle to shop all spacers available.
Hub centric dually wheel spacers and hub centric 8 lug adapters are specifically designed for vehicles using factory OR Aftermarket wheels. They provide a hub centered, like factory fit. A person may need a wheel spacer if installing larger tires for more clearance. A wider stance may require the use of wheel spacers as well. 8 lug adapters will change your bolt pattern.  Sometimes spacers are seen as adapters, when in reality it is a bolt on wheel spacer as no bolt pattern or stud size is converted. Hub Centric is the best application if towing and hauling because your wheel is hub piloted to the vehicle. The links marked ‘Front’ Will fit the front of these pickups ONLY. All hub centric wheel spacers are custom built to order and are typically completed within 5 business days. If using non-factory wheels, you will need to provide the center bore size. 

When installing a wheel spacer or adapter, trimming the studs will be necessary when the spacer or adapter plate is thinner than your wheel studs are long.

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