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4x  to  4x4 Lug Adapter

4 Lug Adapters

Swap 4x ATV & UTV Wheels. Older Cars.

5x  to  5x

Custom 5x Wheel Spacers, Wheel adapters5 Lug Adapters

5x_ Adapters; Older Trucks, Modern Cars.

6x  to  6x

6 Lug Adapters

6x_ Adapters; Pickups and modern SUVs

8x  to  8x8 lug wheel spacers, 8 Lug wheel adapters

8 Lug Adapters

8x Adapters for HD trucks, SUVs Vans.

Wheel Adapters by Make and model

This section is a work in progress.  If you can’t find what you need to change your bolt pattern here, shop by bolt pattern above.

What Are Wheel Adapters?

Wheel Adapters are used to change bolt patterns in order to properly fit wheels from one vehicle to the hub of a different vehicle.  eg  “6×5″ to 6×5.5″ or  “14×1.5 Studs to 1/2″ Studs”.  These parts can also be used to adapt or fit aftermarket wheels meant for a different vehicle. Another common use would be adapting aftermarket or stock wheels to a trailer. For example Wrangler wheels to an M416 military trailer.  These are available in hub centric and lug centric designs and always bolt on to the vehicle.  We custom build using all American machinery, materials, and hardware. 
If you are looking to only space the wheel out from the chassis.  You will want to browse Wheel Spacers.

What does Hub Centric Mean?

Specialized Adapters that fit tight to the hub like a factory wheel are referred to as a hub centric adapter. This adapter will also feature a simulated hub pilot machined onto the face side that receives the wheel.  This exact fitment guarantees the wheel centers and hub pilots making for a smooth ride guarantee and perfectly safe on road use.  Most hub centric adapters are custom built to order to an be an exact match to each customers unique dimensions.  Build time on custom orders is between 5 – 7 business days on average, but can vary! Our team stocks many different 4, 5, 6, and 8 lug adapters in order to match an ever expanding world of vehicles.  American built hub centric adapters are the safest adapter type we offer.  

Real World Uses

   Let’s say you purchase some 6 Lug Wheels that came off of a Chevrolet.  The seller has stated “they will fit any 6 Lug Ford, Nissan, or Toyota.”
Turns out the seller (unknowingly) has misled you into buying wheels that won’t fit. Directly as least.  Wheels purchased second hand via private sells on marketplace or online is the most common scenario we run into for needing to install wheel adapters.  This extends to fitting unique wheels only available to certain models of vehicle brands as well.  Such as fitting new TRD wheels to Chevy, GMC, Ford, RAM or even older model Toyotas.  

Wheel adapters might also be used professionally by companies in operation of fleet vehicles of differing brands.  If a company has a combination of Chevrolet & Ford Trucks in their fleet it would be much more convenient to be able to swap wheels between any vehicle at anytime.  This is much more convenient in an emergency than being limited to swapping wheels between only one brand and model.  With a hub centric wheel adapter this can be done with ease and safety.  

We also build adapters to fit rail-wheels to different types of vehicles as well.  This includes light pickups, heavy duty pickups, ATVs & UTVs.  Travel by rail is reserved for Certified companies inspecting and repairing railway lines across the nation. 

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to help find the right fit and application for each of our customers. We are ready to provide vehicle information, personal assessment, fitment options(based on past orders) as well as help with the ordering process.  For over fifteen years we have strived to provide the right fitment for each and every customer! Call us today! 

We Back our custom adapters 100% against material and craftsmanship.  Find us on Facebook.  Give us a like, Chat with the experts!
If you have questions or would like a place an order by phone, then please call.

US Wheel Adapters does NOT offer (4 to 5 lug), (6 to 8 lug), or (8 to 10 lug).

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