The leading builder of  wheel adapters,  wheel spacers, and hub centric rings. We use high quality American machinery, material, and hardware in order to guarantee top quality.  We also carry a huge inventory of in-stock hub rings, spacers, and adapters. Available both in lug centric and hub centric styles that ship out fast and arrive quick! Each custom built product is precision machined on state of the art American CNC lathes and mills using aircraft grade T6061 extruded Billet Aluminum. Always machined, never Forged!

US Wheel Adapters

For over 10 years our knowledgeable staff has been happy to assist with specifications, fitment, and applications

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Wheel Adapters


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Our products fit a wide variety of applications, Therefore they can be used on cars, crossovers, race cars, imports, tuners, custom builds, street rods and muscle cars. While larger wheel adapters and spacers are available to fit trucks, duallys, dually conversions (SWD to DWD & DWD to SWD) and Trailers. Also available; wheel spacers & adapters for lawn mowers, tractors, side by sides, golf carts, ATVs UTVs and more.

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Wheel Spacers (By Vehicle Make and Model)


We back all of our products 100% against workmanship, American quality materials, and US standards.

USWA is an independently owned and operated machine shop. We DO NOT sale through any online retailers.

US Wheel Adapters DOES NOT convert (4 to 5 Lug), (5 to 6 Lug), (6 to 8 Lug), (8 to 10 Lug) etc… 

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