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Custom Aluminum Hub Rings

Custom Plastic Hub Rings

Passenger vehicles up to 1/2 ton pickups! (Enter your size) Max OD = 98.00mm

In-Stock Plastic

(In Stock Hub Rings)

Plastic Hub Rings

“In-Stock” Hub Centric Rings, (Hub Rings) are made from a mold injected plastic and are ready to ship! If you can’t find the exact rings that match your car or truck we can make them!  Custom Plastic rings are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  This is a hard, high heat resistant plastic. Hub Centric Rings eliminate vibrations caused by oversized wheel center bores.  Meaning, they fill in the gap between your vehicle’s hub, and the bore of aftermarket wheels.

Hub Centric Ring Guide

US Wheel Adapters is dedicated to providing an accurate and up-to-date Guide with hub diameters for most year, makes, and models.
Bolt Pattern & Hub Centric Guide

Plastic Hub Rings

Following this guide will help you find the hub centric rings that match your vehicle, and wheel.  However, we custom build to order using American materials, machinery, and hardware.  We guarantee craftsmanship and materials.  Below you’ll find our custom selection and in stock pages.  You may view our hub centric ring guide below to find the rings that match your vehicle, and aftermarket rim.

Estimated Build Time is currently 3-5 Business Days.  Rush processing available*

What size hub rings do I need?

  • There are two measurements needed to determine what size hub ring you need:

  • Outer Diameter (OD of the ring)
    =Center bore (CB) of your wheels

  • Inner Diameter (ID of the ring)
    =Hub diameter of your vehicle

How do I find out the hub diameter of my vehicle?

  • Use Bolt Pattern & Hub Centric Guide  to find the year, make, and model of your vehicle.
  • Measure using Digital Micrometer or Dial Caliper.
  • Have vehicle hubs professionally measured by a local wheel and tire shop OR machine shop.

How do I find out the wheel center bore diameter?

  • The original boxing will have center bore or hub bore specs
  • Manufacturer websites will usually have specs
  • The store the wheels were originally purchased from will have specs.
  • Have rims professionally measured by a local machine shop.
  • Measure manually using Digital Micrometer or Dial Caliper.

What are hub centric rings used for ?

  • Hub centric rings fill the gap between the vehicle hub and the wheel bore. Centering rings eliminate vibrations caused by oversized wheel bores, or center bore. Wheel manufacturers commonly make wheels with oversized center bores allowing it to fit multiple vehicles.  US Wheel Adapters machines hub rings from plastic and aluminum.

Why are Hub Rings so Important?

  • Today’s suspensions are more intricate and sensitive, thus they are more sensitive to wheel / balance issues.
  • Specifically, Aftermarket wheels without hub rings are the most common cause of vibration issues.
  • Hub centric rings guarantee the wheels are truly centered.
  • Without the use of rings vibrations can eventually loosen or back-out lug nuts as a vehicle is driven.
Custom Hub Centric Rings Built To Order

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