Lug Nuts

For any and all wheels.  Extra lug nuts for adapters or spacers.

Save 20% on Lug Nuts and Lug Bolts when bought with Spacers or Adapters!

Lug Bolts

OEM Length lug bolts for imported vehicles.  Extended Lug bolts for use with slip on spacers.
Standard 17mm Hex Lug Bolts
Short Head Lug Bolts (Low Profile)
Lug Nuts & Bolts

US Wheel Adapters offers many styles of replacement nuts and bolts including, but not limited to: open-ended, closed-ended, acorn, bulge acorn, spline & tuner, truck spline acorn, dually acorn, ET, MAG, and Spiked.  All Bolt on Wheel Adapters & Wheel Spacers come with the necessary nuts to install properly.  However we also offer lug nuts and extended lug bolts to accommodate your wheels!

Lug Nuts vs Lug Bolts:

Lug bolts are not necessarily better than studs with nuts or vice versa. They are just a different means of securing your wheels.  Most European cars use screw through lug bolts as compared to American cars which use studs w/ nuts.  For example, A Volkswagen GTI uses bolts while a Ford Mustang uses studs w/ nuts. Modern Lugs can use an Allen Head Socket, Or a Hex.  Lug Nuts use mostly 3/4″ and 13/16″ Hex. 

Why Use Extended Bolts?

Extended Lug Bolts make up the thread length necessary to install slip-on style wheel spacers. Factory bolts will more than likely be too short to use with slip on spacers.   In order to be matched with the correct length of bolts, measure the length of the factory bolts, and add the thickness of the spacers. Then, select the closest matching size.  Ball Seat Lug Bolts available on web soon!  Call to ask about our other Nuts & Bolts not listed here!

All Bolts & Nuts are sold individually, “Sale” rate only applies when purchasing adapters and spacers in the same transaction.  

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