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Hub Centric Rings

Custom Size | (Plastic) Polycarbonate
Hub Centric Rings (set of 4)



Build time for Custom “Plastic” Hub Rings is 1-3 business days.


  • Ship time: 2-3 business days
  • Saturday counts as shipping day

Custom Build Specifications *

Enter the outer and inner diameter for your custom hub centric rings. The maximum build size is 150mm. Custom builds require at least a 4mm difference between the inner and outer diameter!

Custom “Plastic” Hub Centric Rings

  • Our Custom Hub Centric Rings, are uncompromising in quality and are precision machined on state of the art CNC machines.
  • We use quality, high-temper materials to ensure these will last the lifetime of your vehicle.
  • We can build nearly any size hub ring to suit your specific needs.
  • Contact our knowledgeable staff and we’ll help you determine your vehicles hub diameter and center bore size to complete your custom order.

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