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Easy 5x Spacer Build

Enter Year, Make, & Model.

Advance 5x Spacer Build

Fill in ALL required specs to order. 

5x Stock Slip-on Spacers

In-stock & ready to ship! Slip on 5 Lug Wheel Spacers available from 5 -20mm thick. 

Shop Extended Lug Bolts

In Stock Lug Centric Wheel Spacers

These full bolt on spacers are lug centric and fit multiple vehicles and applications. These types of spacers are more universal fit and require more basic info to order. To find the wheel spacers that will work for you check our Bolt Pattern & Hub Centric Guide!
Use of lug centered spacers may result in slight vibration.  For a smooth ride guarantee we recommend Hub Centric Wheel Spacers If you can’t find what you’re looking for in stock, we can build them! Simply input your year make and model, and wheel center bore.(if running aftermarket wheels).  We also build for custom vehicles and hot rods, (5x_ to 5x_).  You can check your bolt pattern, stud size, & Hub diameter here.
When installing a bolt on wheel spacer or adapter, trimming the studs will be necessary when the spacer or adapter plate is thinner than your wheel studs are long.

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