hub centric wheel spacers

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Hub Centric Wheel Spacers


What are hub centric wheel spacers?

Hub centric wheel spacers are machined to precisely fit your vehicle hub and wheel.  This ensures a perfect fit as if it was from the factory.

What are the benefits of hub centric?

Guarantees a smooth ride and keeps wheels mounted perfectly centered to the hub flange.

What is the difference between hub centric and lug centric?

Hub Centric is precisely machined to pilot on the hub in conjunction with centering on the studs and used for performance applications.

Lug centric is a style that is designed to center on the studs rather than the hub and used for normal vehicle applications.

Our hub centric wheel spacers are top of the line and are the safest style of spacer on the market. We back our product against workmanship and materials 100 percent and use all USA materials and hardware.