Hub Centric Wheel Adapters

We precision build hub centric wheel adapters to fit tight to the hub of the vehicle and offer a lip to pilot wheels perfectly.  This precision design keeps everything rolling true to center, and avoids vibration issues found in cheaper, or more generic wheel adapters.  Customer provides the wheel center bore size! US Wheel Adapters provides many in-stock wheel adapters.   We build all custom hub centric wheel adapters to order. Each pair or set of adapters are built specifically to match your vehicle hub and your specific wheels.  US Wheel Adapters uses all American machinery, hardware, and guarantees workmanship and materials. Custom orders typically ship out within 7 business days. 

Guide to Wheel Adapter Design

Getting the correct info in order to build a wheel adapter doesn’t have to be frustrating.  You can find most vehicle dimensions here:
Bolt Pattern & Hub Centric Guide
Order hub centric wheel adapters following the steps below.

hub centric wheel adapters

Vehicle Side | Hub Centric

  1. Vehicle Bolt Pattern.  Enter vehicle bolt pattern first.
  2. Select Stud Size.  This selection determines the lug nuts sent with the adapters.
  3. Vehicle Hub Diameter.  Enter the vehicle hub diameter here: this dimension should be sourced from the guide, OR measured with micrometers or calipers. Therefore, TAPE Measurements are NOT accurate enough to machine to.

 Wheel Side | Hub Centric

4. Wheel Bolt Pattern. Select the bolt pattern of the wheels to install.
5. Stud Size for wheel to accept.  Pick the stud size you would like the wheels to fit onto. Most customers want the inside and outside hardware to match.  This means that the Vehicle stud size & wheel stud size will match.
6. Center Bore diameter of wheel. Type out the diameter of the wheel center bore.  This can be sourced from the wheel manufacturer, OR measured with calipers or micrometers.  Local machine shops around you use these tools everyday.  This means they can measure center bores as well.

7. Finally, select a thickness.  The thinnest possible hub centric wheel adapter we build for safety is 1″ thick. Adapters can be made thicker to account for offset. Thus, a thicker adapter will push the wheels out further.  Thickness plays no part in strength or quality of wheel adapters.
8.* When installing a bolt on wheel spacer or adapter, trimming the studs will be necessary when the spacer or adapter plate is thinner than your wheel studs are long.

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