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Custom Built Ferrari Wheel Spacers

US Wheel Adapters Builds Hub Centric Ferrari Wheel Spacers to order. Thes Spacers are a tight fit to the factory hub, and offer a lip to pilot the wheels. This keeps everything rolling true to the center of the hub and axle.  General Build Time is 7 – 8 business days.  Simply select your Ferrari from the list, and then select your desired spacer type. Ferrari Wheel spacers are custom built using Aircraft grade T6061 Billet Aluminum, using precise American built Haas CNC machines.  They are available in slip on style between 5mm to 1″ (25.4mm) thick, and bolt on style from 1.25″ to 3.75″ thick, and can be used with factory and aftermarket wheels. Use of slip on style wheel spacers may require extended lug bolts.
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Ferrari Wheel Spacers



360 00′ – 05′ 5×4.25 / 5×108 14×1.5B 67.1
458 10′ – 15′ 5×4.5 / 5×114.3 14×1.5B 66.9
612 04′ – 11′ 5×4.5 / 5×114.3 14×1.5B 66.9
CALIFORNIA 09′ – 17′ 5×4.5 / 5×114.3 14×1.5B 66.9
F340 05′ – 09′ 5×4.25 / 5×108 14×1.5B 67.1


Wheel Spacers are commonly used when needing to space wheels out from the hub of the vehicle.  Some reasons for using spacers include: Clearance issues due to High offset wheels, wanting a wider, more aggressive stance, staggered fit wheels, wide body kit installs, and more. Hub Centric Wheel Spacers & Adapters are always recommended, but are required on import & high end vehicles, such as the Ferraris, to guarantee a smooth safe, and sturdy ride.  US Wheel Adapters backs their products 100% against workmanship and materials. It is recommended for the customer to double check all dimensions before placing order, as these are custom built. View return Policy / Terms & Conditions.

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