Dually Wheel Spacers & Adapters

  • We build hub centric & lug centric adapters and spacers to ensure the truest and safest dually applications
  • We back our product 100 percent against workmanship and materials

We custom build all orders to perfectly fit your dually.

  • All Chevrolet Duallys – 2017 and older
  • All Ford Duallys – 2017 and older
  • All Dodge Duallys – 2017 and older

What does hub centric mean?

  • Spacers or adapters that are hub centric allow the wheel to rest on hub and not just the studs
  • Duallys that do not utilize a hub centric design may not maintain the same load carrying capabilities

What is the difference between hub centric and lug centric?

Lug centric is a style that is designed to center on the studs rather than the hub. Hub Centric is precisely machined to pilot on the hub in conjunction with centering on the studs.