Aluminum Hub Rings

Aluminum Features:

  • All aluminum hub centric rings are built-to-order.
  • Hub Rings Reduce vibrations cause by a gap between the hub and wheel
  • Great for performance applications
  • More resistant than plastic hub rings to high brake temperatures
  • Machined in Lubbock, Texas USA
  • Made of American aircraft billet aluminum 6061-T6
  • CNC machined using all American machinery, materials, and hardware
  • Workmanship and Materials Guaranteed

Take a look at our Bolt Pattern & Hub Centric Guide if you need help identifying your vehicle’s hub center.  We do not carry any information regarding aftermarket wheels, so you will need to supply the center bore size of the wheel.  This information can be sourced from the retailer you bought them from OR direct from the manufacture.

“Aluminum” Hub Centric Rings VS.
“Plastic” Hub Centric Rings

  • Plastic hub rings tend to wear out over time
  • Aluminum hub rings guaranteed to last the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Plastic rings can break down in high temperatures typically caused by high brake temperatures.
  • Aluminum Rings are more suitable for performance applications.


If you are looking for a specifically designed hub ring or with no flange. Please call to place an order with one of our experts. at 1 877-823-2787
Note: The Aluminium (Dually) hub rings will differ from the Custom / Aluminum product in that 2 of these rings will be thicker to match the rear for duallys.

As a general guideline US Wheel Adapters requires a difference of at least .3mm between the hub center diameter and center bore of the wheel.  While this applies to most vehicles some exceptions can be made*