8 Lug Wheel Adapters

US Wheel Adapters stocks pre-built 8 lug wheel adapters in lug centric designs. We also custom build lug centric and hub centric wheel adapters using all American machinery, materials, and hardware.  Pre-built adapters ship same day if ordered before 2pm Central Time.  Custom built 8 lug wheel adapters have a general build time of 5-7 days. All products ship 2-3 day priority US mail, or FedEx.  These adapters can be used on ALL 3/4 ton, 1 ton trucks, vans, and SUVs.  This includes dually wheel adapters, or adapters made specifically to fit the dually front and rear hubs. Hub centric dually wheel adapters are our top recommendation for dually that is hauling or towing. They can also be used on 1+1/4 Ton and up using 8 lug count hubs. Questions? Call us at: 1 877-823-2787

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8 Lug Wheel Adapter

8 Lug Wheel Adapters (In Stock)

Custom 8 Lug Wheel Adapters


Common Questions

What is the difference between spacers & adapters?

  • Widen the Stance of your factory wheels, or wheels that fit your factory bolt pattern using wheel spacers.
  • Change the bolt pattern of your vehicle using wheel adapters.

Dually Conversion?

  • We offer custom built hub centric adapters meant specifically for converting single rear wheel to dually wheels. They will be a minimum of 3″ – 4″ and must be ordered by phone at: 1 877-823-2787


What is the difference between hub centric & lug centric?

  • Hub centric wheel spacers or adapters typically have a flange or lip simulated on the face side.
    • This ensures the wheel stays centered.
  • Lug centric wheel spacers or adapters center on the studs using acorn style lug nuts.


We DO NOT offer (8 to 10 Lug), (8 to 6 lug), (6 to 8 lug), (5 to 8 lug), etc…